*2005 Ford Escape Hybrid AWD 139K*$3,595(Waterford, MI)

Helping friend sell this. Bought it with her money, for her- she changed jobs, moved & got a small car, gets similar mpg as this;) Mechanically great. Cosmetically > average in most places. Clean overall for year. Escapes tend to heavily rust at the rear wheel wells. Have seen much worse, even owned one. Definitely has some though. Worse on passenger than driver side, but not structurally dangerous. Similar performance to 6 cyl due to hybrid battery, except it gets great mpg. City 25+ often 30+ on freeway. "Intelligent" AWD- engages when you slip. Plows through snow, but I don't expect this to replace anyone's Wrangler, I know full-time 4x4 is preferred for offroading. Previous owner had a shop replace the engine. Engine had 90k on it, from a recycled parts yard. Began having running issues, lead to a timing chain replacement we didn't plan on. Here's what's been done: -Timing chain(s), tensioner, cam gears.. -coolant flushed -Sway bar links -Fuel pump adjusted for higher performance -Newer battery -Newer brakes (previous owner) -Newer exhaust downpipe (when engine was pulled) Also good: -Tires on the vehicle are above 70% according to the tire shop. Plenty of tread. -Hybrid battery is healthy Compare this with other Escape hybrids for sale- do they have under 150k miles? When was the timing chain last done? Are they fwd or 4x4? (Very little mpg difference, since the awd isn't full-time). Issues: -some Escape rust in rear, body has some dings and dents -radio is wonky..have to be careful with the volume knob or it turns itself up. -Rear door ajar warning at times from closed door- faulty relay switch. Any questions about the vehicle, please msg. ford gas electric hybrid powerful mpg gas saver fuel sipper mariner suv reliable second car first car student daily driver commute FEH 4x4